• What affiliate program is about?

    BossGamingPartners program allows its partners to get a monthly commission for every invited client. Our brands make a profit on providing gaming services and products for entertainment purposes: sports betting, poker, online casino sites. The money, lost by o players, are shared with our partners afterward.

    Who can register to become a partner?

    Any person/webmaster who owns a website has an opportunity to join an affiliate program on condition of following all the BossGamingPartners affiliate terms and conditions.

    How to register?

    You can join the partner program via this LINK. You will need to indicate all the required personal/company and website information. Then we will consider your application. After the approval, you can start making money!

    Can I register several affiliate websites at a time?

    Of course, you can manage several websites at a time. In fact, we have no limitations concerning the number of websites you can manage from the single affiliate account.

    When will I get my comission?

    BossGamingPartners pays all the commissions between the 10th and the 15th of every month. The minimum payout amount is €50. If the amount is less than €50, the payout will be delayed until the next month.

    How I get my commission?

    We can transfer your income using any transfer method you prefer.

    Where can I see my monthly income?

    This information can be viewed in your BossGamingPartners affiliate account. All statistics and reports can be found there.

    Need help?

    If you need help or you got some questions, please, contact us via e-mail support@bossgamingpartners.com .Your feedback is always very important for us!
  • What types of commission plans do you have?

    - RevShare commission plan: as an affiliate you will get from 25% up to 50% RevShare of the casino profit for life

    - CPA commission plan: it allows earning a fixed price for all the refered players. The terms of payment and the fixed price for a single player are determined individually for each affiliate. You will get paid for a registered player up to EUR 400, depending on your traffic quality and negotiated payment per player.

    What is minimum payout?

    The minimum amount for payment is EUR 50

    What kind of payment systems do you use?

    You can look information about payment systems in your profile. If you would like to use another financial transactions service, you can discuss it with our manager. Please note, the payment preferences can not be changed 5 days prior to the payment date.

    How much can I earn through the BossGaming Partners program?

    Your earnings depend greatly on the strength of your website and how effectively you advertise the products. The more quality traffic you have, the more profit you will get.

    I want change payment method, how can I do it?

    If you want to change your payment details, please contact your manager

    Can I make money by reffering another affiliate to the BossGaming Partners program?

    Yes, of course! You can get additional income, just invite new affiliates to work with us and get more profit! For each involved webmaster according to our terms, you get a Sub-Affiliates commission. Share the benefits of working with us with your friends, invite them to become participants in our program and to register by sending them an invitation by email and get 10% of their profits without limitation in time!

    No negative carry-over (what is it)?

    We don't carry forward a negative balance to your next statement. Meaning, in the case the players you brought in took out a larger amount in withdrawals than they made in deposits, and your balance became negative, there will be no carry-over of negative balance to the next statement. All negative balances will be cancelled once a month on the 1st calendar date. This makes our affiliate program special, as many other affiliate programs cancel negative carry-overs less often or not at all.
  • How to use Promo materials?

    We are constantly working to improve our promotional tools, as we understand that the quality of our promotional materials directly related to the benefit and convenience of our affiliate program for each participant. At the moment, you can get texts, direct affiliate links – direct and in form of animated banners, To obtain the specific code of a particular material you need to go to the “Media” and click on “Get the code”, select the needed tracker in a menu there and the code for its promotional material will be generated. If you are not satisfied with the existing advertising content – we are ready to create it in a relatively short period of time with the orientation to your audience. Contact our managers to get further details. We’ll respond as soon as possible.

    I want to place special ads. What do I need to do?

    Contact customer support about any special ads, and we will work together on making your wishes come true. Special ads are any kind and size of banners, the so-called ‘branding’ of the website (changing the top and sides of the banner from the main content), any kind of landing pages and other exclusive things.

    Work with statistics in the BOSS. Gaming Partners program

    For the convenience of our partners, we pay maximum attention to statistics and data.
    We understand that a good dose of data analysis has an important role in the success of our partners.

    1. General statistics by days
    2. Statistics on commissions
    3. Statistics on promo materials

    Due to this, each affiliate gets a complete idea of the behavior of invited users in the game for any period he is interested in. This allows him to know exactly not only the amount of viewed banners, but the number of rounds played by his players during their time in the casino.

    Stats Description

    Uclick: all unique visitors
    NRC: Customer Signup
    NDC: Customer First Deposit
    Deposits: the sum of all players deposits
    Withdrawals: the sum of all players withdrawals
    Bonuses: bonus costs, chargebacks and any operational costs
    NetGaming (NGR): players bets-winnings
    Admin fee: software providers fee
    Net Revenue = ((100% – admin fee) x (bets – wins – bonuses) – (deposits + withdrawals) x 10%)
    Affiliate Revenue = Net Revenue x RevShare %.

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