We are proud to propose our clients one of the fairest and the most transparent commission structures in the industry.

    With our help, you can earn up to 50% of the total Net Gaming Revenue based on the number of new depositors which you refer to our website monthly.

    If you decide to not attracting new players anymore your NGR percent will be calculated in accordance with the number of active players referred by you before. Having terminated the collaboration with us completely, you would still get a lifetime percent of NGR based on the number of players referred by you before and active by now.

    How do we calculate Net Gaming Revenue?

    NGR = Bets – Wins – Bonus Cost
    (NGR – Payment Fees – Admin Fees)*Rev Share %
    Admin Fee = 25% of NGR
    Payments Fee = (Deposits + Withdrawals) x 10%
    Rev Share = % x (NGR – Payments Fee – Admin Fee)

  • CPA

    CPA commission scheme allows getting fixed compensation for the referred players. The payment conditions and the fixed price per player are determined individually for every partner. Price per each player can vary up to €400 and depends on a particular program, traffic quality, and conditions of paying per player.

    Qualification requirements:

    1. The total sum of deposits should comprise no less than €20.
    2. A player should deposit during a week. This means a player should make another deposit in any of the following days. New day starts at 00:00 GMT + 0.
    3. To activate a СPA plan you should have no less than 20 players referred by you before within the RevShare program.

    Please, contact your personal manager to activate a CPA plan.


    The partner commission is formed from CPA (fixed price) + RevShare percent. Standard commission is a CPA €100 + 25% RevShare. The minimum deposit to get a share by CPA is €20.

    *** RevShare, CPA и Hybrid commission plans are the subject to an individual alignment. Terms of cooperation and contracting will be discussed with partners personally in each particular case.

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